Found TreasureIf you're a collector of vintage Grace Livingston Hill books, you may not realize that she published five books under another name—Marcia Macdonald. 

Before the internet made things easy for collectors, these books often went overlooked in their J.B. Lippincott first editions. Early reprints by Grosset & Dunlap list both names, with either Marcia's or Grace's name in parentheses as you can see in the dust jacket from Found Treasure. As time went on, later reprints simply listed Grace Livingston Hill as the author to avoid confusion.

In case you didn't know, Marcia Macdonald is the maiden name of Grace's mother. Surely this was a loving tribute to her author-mother's memory. If you've never read one of the books she wrote, look for Mrs. C.M. Livingston, the name she used on her own literary works. You can read more about her and take a look at her books herehere.

There may be two reasons for this series of books.

One might be that these stories were considered a bit "mild" and more suited to a younger audience—still good enough to publish, but not for the audience her publisher counted on for regular readership. The books were contracted as "novels for girls" by J.B. Lippincott Company to be published under the name Marcia Macdonald. GLH readers would have no reason to wonder why the style and content had suddenly become simpler in these books.

Another possibility might just be that there were too many good stories for too short a time period. An oversaturated market can potentially hurt sales, so why not publish them under another name? It's happened before—think of Fanny Crosby, the famous hymn-writer. She wrote hundreds and hundreds of hymns, but many were published using one of over a hundred different pen names. The story goes that people just wouldn't believe that so much material could come from one writer, so they simply used one of the other names instead.

Which is true? Maybe parts of both? Maybe something entirely different? The mystery continues as we continue to search for clues in order to solve it.

The Honor Girl  Found Treasure  Out of the Storm  The White Lady 

The Honor Girl


Found Treasure


Out of the Storm


The White Lady


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